Friday, March 21, 2014

Diggin' in the Archives

My Random Five comes from a trip to Franklin, TN to visit my son. I rode down with daughter and her four kids. We had tons of fun.

1. My dream vacation always includes visiting historical sites. I've been to The Hermitage before, yet always seem to find something interesting.
This is a view from the back of the house. For those who may not know, The Hermitage was President Andrew Jackson's Tennessee home. The grounds are beautiful. Since it is Friday, thought I would put a fence in the post.
2. I especially enjoy wandering around the grounds to see all the flowers and trees.
3. The cotton exhibit was new this trip. I have bought several items with cotton fragrance, such as soap and candles, but still didn't realize how fragrant cotton is. Having lived in the south for about 35 years, I have seen lots of cotton fields, but never got close enough to inhale. It smelled heavenly.

After The Hermitage, we stopped by Provence Bakery on 21st Street, near Vanderbilt, in Nashville for a tart and coffee. There are so many, it was tough to choose one. This one made my mouth water.
4. I try to go to the Provence Bakery at least once when in Nashville.
We got our tarts to go and drove a couple blocks to a park. I don't know the real name, but we call it The Dragon Park because of this mosaic dragon. There is playground equipment and Mr. Dragon for the kids to climb on. It was a beautiful day, which is great for being outside, but not so great for taking pictures midday.
4. Watching the grands pllay together is such a joy. I wish I could post pics of them, but I'm not allowed. My daughter worries about internet predators, which I believe is an actual concern. Especially since it is easy to determine our location.
This is a close shot of the dragon's skin.
5. Each year I'm responsible for taking my daughter's Christmas card picture. Last year we tried to include the dragon. The kids all put on their goofy faces and I took the picture. Sadly they were too far apart to fit on the card. Next time I'll know to position them closer together.

A cold front was on its way, so the local news channel 5 had a reporter doing a story on what people were doing to enjoy the nice weather before it turned cold. They took video of the kids playing on the dragon.

And that's my random five for today! Happy Friday!

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carol l mckenna said...

What beautiful photos and what a fun time you must have had with lovely family ~ xxx

artmusedog and carol

Carol said...

Great Photos and looks like a fun outing :) Heading outside to enjoy the warm day before the temps drop again for a few days... The joys a a MidWest Spring.

Robyn Goddard said...


The Hermitage looks like a neat place to visit. Glad you got to enjoy the sights and smells.

Fresh Fruit tart, looks delicious. One of my Mom's "signature pies" is a Fresh Fruit pie with a sugar cookie type crust, you will have to check it out: (

Thank You for dropping in and leaving a comment for me this morning. I hope you get a chance to try one of the pies.

If you have some favorite reads I am always up for suggestions.

Melanie said...

I love the way the air smells when the cotton is being harvested! Sweet memories for me! Enjoyed your post!

TexWisGirl said...

the fruit tart looked good! i need a dragon along the pond - kidding!

Dotti said...

Do you know, I love the Hermitage but it has been years, a lot of years, since I've been there. Thanks for reminding me with your lovely photos!

Tanya Breese said...

what a great trip! i too enjoy seeing historical places! have a great weekend :)

Tanya Breese said...

what a great trip! i too enjoy seeing historical places! have a great weekend :)

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i will have to look into the Heritage - i am not familiar with it. lovely art. those fruits look so delicious!! ( :

Kelly Kardos said...

I love vacation shots and I did not know Cotten actually has a smell. I love learning new things! TGIF!

Mitch and Molly said...

Now you have our mom wanting to sniff cotton, BJ!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Sharon said...

I would love to visit the Hermitage. Thank you for sharing the photo. Maybe someday. I think this is going on my bucket list!

Navigating Northward said...

Looks like you have beautiful weather. Enjoy.

Sarah Huizenga said...

Another place to add to my bucket list of historically place to visit. That tart looks so yummy.

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Well now I really want to smell some cotton!

That dragon is so cool -- can't imagine the amount of work it took.

Great shots and randoms Betty. Have an awesome weekend!

Diane Baker-Williams said...

I bet that tart was as yummy as it looked! Loved reading about the dragon and the cotton, Great photos!