Sunday, April 6, 2014

A Goose and Nessie?

The weatherman said it will be a beautiful day today. I hope he's right. I plan to spend the afternoon outside with Fergus. It will be a good day for a long walk. His training is seriously lacking. He thinks sit is lay down. Silly dog!

I enjoy going to The Rez early hoping to see a duck to pose for me. Yeah right! I think critters see me coming from miles away and hide. Occasionally I do get lucky. On this particular day, I saw two geese floating on the water. Did I mention it was early?
Not early for me, but obviously early for some geese. One was still sleeping with its beak tucked beneath a wing. I tried to be quiet. Shh, goose sleeping.

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Yesterday, Fergus and I walked to The Rez. I like to go early in the morning or later in the evening, which is a better time to find critters. Last evening, we rounded the corner to find lots of SUVs and Trucks parked near the water. This is extremely unusual. It is a rare occasion we ever actually see a person at The Rez. The only time there is ever a crowd is during the summer when lots of people gather for family reunions. So, needless to say, I was a bit curious.

Seems a couple of guys decided to try out their kayaks on the water.
It didn't take long for them to get from one end to the other, but they would turn around and start back.
At one point, they stopped and turned in the water.
I wonder what they saw. Was it Nessie? Does Toledo have its own Loch Ness Monster? Excitement! But, whatever it was, it didn't hold their attention long. Probably a fish.

Happy Sunday to you!


TexWisGirl said...

how cute. :)

we have pouring down rain and thunderstorms currently. but we really need the rain so i am glad. :)

enjoy your day out with fergus!

Brian King said...

You're not the only one who hopes for some good shots that never materialize. Nature has a way of being persnickety like that! The geese seem content to pose, though.

Donna Sexton said...

Very nice picture of the geese. I find it difficult to take good pictures of anything while walking Angie. She can basically stand in one place and sniff for ages but as soon as I start adjusting settings on my camera she wants to hurry away! Thanks for stopping by.

carol l mckenna said...

Love the duck photo and other photos have great colors and fun time ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol

Amy Burzese said...

Colorful water shots! Anything moving is difficult to get a good clear photo.

Beth @ "E. Lizard Breath Speaks" said...

probably a fish. but your story of Nessie sounds fun too. great times. ( :

Tarang Sinha said...

Nice shots! The first one is amazing!:)

Anonymous said...

ein wundervolles Bild mit den Gänsen

LG zum Wochenstart vom katerchen

Mitch and Molly said...

Love the pictures of the Canada geese, BJ!

Anonymous said...

I love the Canada Geese.

Annesphamily said...

This is a wonderful photo share. I was sad today. Someone hit and killed a goose near the Walmart on a busy street where I pass to get to work. Made me sad. They are such smart creatures. I did not see the accident but I felt so bad because the geese cross the road and stop and look both ways! They are fun to watch.