Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Hodge Podge and a Bird or Two

1. "Summer is like childhood. It's full of warm memories and gone too soon."~Kellie Elmore  Agree or disagree? Share something you loved about the summers of your childhood.

Summer always seems to slip away too soon. I love summer, despite the heat. I would rather be hot than cold any day. Cold hurts. Before air conditioning, a glass of lemonade and a shade tree made the heat tolerable. My brother and I also went wading in a creek near our house, oftentimes having water fights to cool off. But my all time favorite thing to do in the summer was ride my bike to the library. I would bring my book home, find a nice grassy spot under a tree, and read the afternoon away.

2. Are you a fan of auto racing-NASCAR, Indy, Stock, Grand Prix, etc? Ever been to a race in person? Any desire to do this?  Do you know a lot about cars? Do you notice particular makes and models when you're out and about?

I grew up with an older brother. He liked cars and racing. I remember listening to the Indianpolis 500 on the radio every year. When my brother was in high school, he was on a pit crew for a friend of his at the local stock car track. We also had a drag strip where some of our friends would race their cars. Other than a movie theatre to go to on Saturday night, going to the races was the thing to do on the weekends. Now I follow Nascar. JD is a Jimmie Johnson fan. I root for Rowdy Bush. JD doesn't like Rowdy so we have some fun banter during races. I have never been to a Nascar race, but we talk about going to our favorite track in Bristol, TN. One day maybe we will go.

3. What's something you think is too serious to be joked about? Or do you think anything and everything is fair game?

I think health issues. Ones health should be taken seriously.

4. July 29th is National Lasagna Day. Are you a fan? Do you have a great recipe, and if so where did it come from? If given a choice would you choose a plate of lasagna or a plate of spaghetti?

JD cooks most of our meals. He likes to cook. I think instead of a teacher he should have been a chef. He is full on German, born and raised in Pennsylvania, but lived most of his adult life in Upstate New York in a city filled with Italians. He loves Italian food, so spaghetti is served a lot in this house. I'm not a big fan of spaghetti. As a matter of fact I can hardly face it any more. But being the nice person I am, I don't complain. So, my pick would be lasagna. I would much prefer a plate of chicken alfredo, though.

5. What's a simple pleasure you'd miss if it were not a regular part of your life?

Hanging out on our screened in porch with a good book and a bottle of wine.
6. If you could be the CEO of any company, which would you choose?

I would choose not to be. I prefer a job where I don't dread going to work. So, I would forgo the heavy duty paycheck.

7. August is just around the farewell to July in exactly seven words.

Too much sadness, glad it is over.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I share a love of reading with a couple of attorneys who come in the office frequently. We seem to like the same type of books and share our favorites. Ms. KB came in yesterday raving about The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel, which is  a true story about the wives of the Mercury Seven astronauts. A new TV Series on ABC to air this fall is based on this book. I grew up during a time when the TV was on in the gym at school so we could all watch the Apollo missions take off from Cape Canaveral. I'm looking forward to reading the book and watching the series. Has anyone read anything good recently?

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Another shot of SIL's sunflowers. I can't get enough of seeing these guys!
While standing in SIL's yard talking, I heard Mr. Oriole singing, so turned around and zoomed in as much as possible. Wish I could get closer!

After Anni's comment, I dug out my bird book and agree with her that it is a Scarlet Tanager. Now I'm even happier with my really bad shot. :)

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Loved reading your hodgepodge this week!!! Wow....I could sit for hours reading and sipping wine at your screened in porch. Now, that's MY kinda day of relaxing. I'm so envious.

Chicken Alfredo? Yes, I could go for that also. But you and I both go for lasagna instead of spaghetti.

I'm not sure, but I think that bird, if it was a bright red with dark wings, is a Scarlet Tanager. It's gorgeous none the less.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I wouldn't want the job of CEO either. And yes, this summer has gone fast!

Buttons said...

Man I missed National lasagna day I had salad drat drat:):):). August will be better Roan. HUG HUG B

TexWisGirl said...

italian food...yum! :)

glad you can turn the calendar page this week. :) better days ahead...

Marie said...

Nice post. Hodgepodge is interesting. I told Anni I'd die if I couldn't read, so I see you and I kind've share that simple pleasure. I don't read a lot of novels, unless they are historically accurate and well researched. Mostly I read books about various aspects of history, bios and info about our world. I like to learn. The astronaut wives book sounds very interesting.

Stephanie said...

It was great reading your hodgepodge this morning. I prefer lasagna myself. The vegetarian kind. Love your sunflowers. Glad we have another month of summer. Have a wonderful August and looking forward to reading and viewing your posts of August.

Tanya Breese said...

summer is my favorite season and sadly the quickest :(

Anonymous said...

I am a lifelong Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan. Bill followed Mark Martin. We used to go to MIS every year, for 18 years. Since he is trucking, we just haven't been able to go. Bristol would be awesome.

Ginny said...

I love your first quote! And am sad that summer stayed for so short of a time. Is this your porch? I love it! I grew up with a big screened in front porch, but have not had any kind of porch in fifty years, it is something I always miss.

Brian King said...

I love sunflowers, but we don't have the fields of them in this area. Too many horse farms.

Beth of "E." Lizard Breath Speaks said...

that sun porch - is a great place to chill & read a good book. ( :

Anonymous said...

This is my first Hodge Podge with you! I am right there with you on the screened porch with a glass of wine! And chicken alfredo is a fav of mine too, but I DO love spaghetti and meataballahs!

Anonymous said...

Your porch looks so nice and relaxing! That little Goldfinch blends right in to that sunflower head! Great catch on the Scarlet Tanager!!!


Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Lovely bird, indeed.
I had a boyfriend take me to Nascar once. Just once.
He lost his job and stopped dating me.
I was between husbands, at the time. Weird dude!

Gail Dixon said...

I enjoyed reading more about you. We used to cool off with watermelon and running through the sprinklers. Congrats on your Scarlet Tanager sighting and photo!!