Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Bird and More Podge

Another female red-winged blackbird.

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And now on to Wednesday Hodgepodge...

1. The best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup! Black silk that is! And speaking of coffee. I ran Mr. Coffee's cleaning cycle twice last evening and it worked fine this morning. I think we need to invest in a water softener. 

2.  Given a choice, which animal interaction would you most like to experience (or for those non-adventurers...which would you dislike the least?)Swim with the dolphins at one of several locations in the Florida Keys, a lion encounter ten minutes from Victoria Falls (Africa), or a day at a remote base camp high in the Big Sur wilderness via the Ventana Wildlife Society helping track California condors?

I'm not a good swimmer and the thought of being eaten by a lion isn't my cup of tea either, but tracking condors would be right up my alley!

3. What is something you fear about 'old age'? What is something you look forward to?

I fear the possibility of dimentia, not being unable to care for myself, and becoming a burden to my family. I look forward to retirement.

4. Hot sauce...are you a fan? If you answered yes, what's something you make/eat that must have hot sauce? On a scale of 1-10 how hot is too hot?

I'm a fan! I like hot sauce on a lot of things, but especially scrambled eggs. I'm good at around 8. Any hotter and I'm ready for a glass of milk.

5. It's been said that children learn what they live. What do you think children learn at your house?

That you can have fun without computer games. 

6. What's your favorite movie with a number in it's title?

The Sixth Sense. It scared me and I don't scare easily in movies.

7. Saturday (August 16th) is National Tell a Joke Day...share one here.

Q: "What's the difference between a guitar and a fish?" 
A: "You can't tuna fish." 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Bro O has always tried new varieties of plants in his garden. This year he has grown what is called a 'peach tomato'.

Garden Peach Tomatoes are native South American fruit. It is a small, bright yellow fruit with the globe shape of a tomato. In addition to the yellow color, it has a slight pink mottling when very ripe. It also has fuzzy skin. If you enlarge the photo you can see the fuzz. It does actually resemble a peach. 

Plus it's good for you as it is rich in iron and vitamin B5. Apparently it also helps lower cholesteral.

I can't quite end my random thoughts without saying how sad it is to lose Robin Williams. I don't understand depression of that magnitude and hopefully never will. His struggle is over now. He is at peace and I'm sure in a happier place. R.I.P.

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Well, if you return to read my hodgepodge we both answered Condors...but of course you probably figured that out.

Love the reference to "Folgers in your Cup"

That tomato is a new one for me.

and most of all....LOVE your answer to #5

TexWisGirl said...

i love folger's too, but just classic. :) would probably pick swimming with dolphins. i burst into tears watching the beluga whales at seaworld one time because i thought they were so beautiful. no hot sauce for me. my milktoast wisconsin tastebuds are still with me. :)

EG CameraGirl said...

Thanks for reminding me to run vinegar through my coffee maker. I don't have a water softener either.

Ha! I loved your joke. :))

Anonymous said...

We had to get a water softener, whatever gunk that was in our well was killing our appliances but man it makes my hair too too soft! Bro O's tomato is awesome, bet that is good on a BLT! And incredibly sad about Robin Williams.. I had no words yesterday. I struggle with anxiety and depression and I had read countless articles that he was struggling. Yes, Rest in Peace Robin Williams.

Cranberry Morning said...

Sixth Sense. Forgot about that one. Scared me to death. Shudder just thinking about it! :-)

Halcyon said...

Fun thoughts for today. I like your bird. I thought it was a house finch or sparrow. But what do I know?? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love your answers and may have to check out this Hodge Podge, of which you speak!

Gunilla Bäck said...

She's a beauty!

Ginny said...

But how does it taste? I will show this to Phil, he used to work in a peach orchard. We loved the Sixth Sense!!! We were totally shocked at the end. Your red winged photo is lovely! I would never recognize one without the red, females have to be drab to hide when they are nesting.

Brian King said...

Beautiful pattern on the front!

Marie said...

Great bird! Love the tomato, too. I too worry about Dad died from Alzheimers. We just have to live each day as it comes, and pray for grace.

eileeninmd said...

Pretty shot of the RW blackbird. I enjoyed reading your answers.. The Sixth Sense was a scary movie.. I worry about Dementia also, my Dad and his Mom had it..Enjoy your evening!

Stephanie said...

Great answers to your hodge podge.

bettyl-NZ said...

Your bird is really pretty! I am intrigued by the tomato--will have to look for it. I have found lots of weird stuff to eat since I moved to NZ. The best one, so far is a Nashi Pear which looks like an apple but tastes and with the texture of a really soft pear.

Rose said...

Very nice shot of the female red-winged blackbird! Interesting hodgepodge..

BumbleVee said...

well, who knew a female blackbird looked like that!

Gail Dixon said...

I really enjoyed reading all your answers to the questions. I loved The Sixth Sense too. Movies with an unexpected twist like that are so fun.

Robyn Goddard said...

Miss R,
I'm a Black Silk fan too! Have you tried Chocolate silk?

The Rancher tosses out the idea of retiring when he is 50. That means I will be 46. That also means a) He will send me to town to get a job (just kidding) or b) I will have time to do even more projects, gardening and reading.

Have you tried Louisiana Supreme Buffalo Wing Sauce? Look for it in a Dollar Tree near you.

The loss of Robin Williams is very sad.