Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dream Cabin, Firetruck, and a Barn

During my excursion last Saturday, I found a few interesting items to shoot.
Such as this little cabin stuck back in the Shag Bark Hickory trees.
If this place were hiking distance from the road and next to a pond, this would be my dream house/cabin. It is small. No room for clutter, only necessities. Easy to clean, no toilet to scrub. No traffic noise or neighbors. Just peace and quiet. Yes, I could live here. Well, for a while. I suspect I would start looking for electricity and a computer connection before the week was out. Great idea in theory, though.
I passsed this graveyard of anything and everything that once had a motor. Wrecked cars and trucks were farther down the road, past the house. I am a minimalist at heart, so I would probably find it difficult to live surrounded by junk vehicles. I know for a fact the man who once owned this property made a good living selling parts. He was a friend of my brother's and passed away a few months ago. He once raced stock cars at our local racetrack and Bro O was on the pit crew. It made for a fun Saturday night in an area where entertainment was hard to come by. It still looks like someone is conducting business, I suspect a family member has taken over.
Before my blogger breakdown, Barn Charm was one of my favorite memes. I'm told the meme is no more. I would take over the reins myself if I had more time, but alas I fear it would be too time consuming. Is there someone out there willing to take on the task?


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

I liked Barn Charm too. That barn is a beautiful one!

Pradeepa said...

That cabin would definitely be my dream cabin too!

Gail Dixon said...

What wonderful images! Although I didn't participate much in BC I would like to see it resurrected. I enjoyed looking at all the submissions.

TexWisGirl said...

sweet cabin, firetruck and barn!

Beth @ E. Lizard Breath Speaks said...

we were on a vacation when Trisha of "Barn Charm" disappeared ... not sure what happened??! i miss it.

i know a lot of folks still share barns enough though it is not around any more. like you said it would be fun to take it up.

i think what is hard for me is i am one who will link up, go & visit every since person linking up but i don't get visit from every since person. i try not to take it personally ... but it is tough considering you take the time to visit them. seems only fair. it is tough to know what to think?

i know in my church meme "InSPIREd Sunday" we have each saturday evening 6 pm Eastern ends on Monday in the AM

... just like a barn - it is a piece of architecture that many enjoy. it has nothing to do with what happens in the church for me ... not sure if some think it is meant to be religious. not my thought. just to share. i enjoy how Sally from "Sally Saw" ... we cohost - it works well...

maybe you could find someone to work with. to share in the responsibilities. it is a lot of work & the ones who link up & enjoy it too have to remember the work it takes each & every week. month. year. etc. something to think on. ( :

Brian King said...

Nice little cabin! And I like the big trees. Beautiful old barn!

Sandra said...

i love old buildings and an old cabin like this is fine with me but i must have internet and indoor plumbing.