Sunday, February 3, 2013

Finally, a Hawk, I Think

I see quite a few hawks while driving down the Interstate, but rarely when I might be able to get a halfway decent shot.  Friday afternoon was Hubby's follow-up Doctor's appointment and in case you were wondering, he is doing well, almost ready to go back to work. I'm getting sidetracked. What does the doctor's appointment have to do with hawks, well we saw 5 along the interstate. However, there was one on the road leading up to the interstate. He was sitting on an electric wire. Happily, I didn't have to yell, "STOP!"  Hehe, I was driving. Guess what I did?  Yep, locked up the brakes. Hubby who was about to nod off, loudly and not happily, wanted to know what was going on. He quit asking when he saw me grabbing the camera. It isn't the great shot I was shooting for, but you can tell it's a hawk of sorts, I think.  My confusion lies in the lack of tail feathers to shake.  Any ideas out there? Hubby thinks it might be a Goshawk.