Saturday, August 30, 2014

Saturday's Critters

My internet isn't stuttering anymore. The modum actually arrived on the day it was supposed to. I followed the enclosed directions to upgrade modems and managed to get it connected properly. Then the directions said to go to the website and activate the modem. Answer me this. How are you going to go to the website when you don't have an internet connection because your modem needs activated? Hmm. So, I had to call the cable company and stay on hold for umpty ump million years, after being directed by an annoying automated voice! Whatever happened to customer service. I merely want to talk to an actual person, not say what your problem is and then wait while the not-too-bright automated voice tells you she doesn't understand, after which she goes about repeating her previous does-not-apply menu. Rant finished. Internet now working properly.

Last evening I went with JD to harvest our pumpkins. While he hunted down the pumpkins and piled them up in the grass, I chased after a couple of dragonflies. 

White Tail


Back to the fair. These two little piggies were snuggled up and sleeping. 

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Friday, August 29, 2014

Willy Nilly Friday Five

The sunflowers next to our untility shed are blooming. I hope the goldfinches find them soon!

1. I saw a word on facebook this morning—pluviophile. Do you know what it is? Yeah, me either. Sounds like a criminal of sorts doesn't it? But after I read the definition I found I have pluviophile tendencies.

pluviophile. (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. 

Not stormy days, but rainy days. Rain is like snow in that I enjoy it when I can stay home and see/hear it from a comfy chair with a cup of coffee or iced tea and a good book.

2. My favorite granddaughter called me with some fabulous news. She submitted a poem for publication and has made the semi-finals. She was so excited I'm sure she was jumping up and down, as I was. I remember how exciting it was the first time I received one of those letters. Fingers crossed!

3. I have a cousin coming to visit this weekend. She lives the pacific northwest, so she doesn't come every year. Our family reunion is Sunday. It will be good to see all the family. My mom was one of 14 children with only 5 left. I fear the reunion will be no more once these are gone. The younger relatives don't seem to be as family oriented as their parents were.

4. Speaking of family reunions, I need to bring a couple of covered dishes. Any suggestions for something different? 

5. August is ending and September is beginning. I'm looking forward to a couple of fun weekends. My favorite granddaughter plays clarinet in the school band. They will be marching in a parade next weekend. Another weekend, Punky Doodle has invited me to hop in for a trip to see Sonny Boy in Tennessee. Can't wait!

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I'm still having computer issues. The new modem is supposed to arrive today. I apologize for my failure to comment, but everytime I try to go visit a blog the internet drops me! It has taken me approximately 2 hours to finish this post.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Good Fences

No ramble means no new material. Grasping at straws today.

This is a drawing/watercolor JD has had for years. 

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Wednesday!

Mr. Red-bellied Woodpecker.

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1. As August draws to a close, share what's been your favorite weekend of the entire summer?

It would have to be one of the weekends I spent with Punky Doodle and the Punks. The dance recital one weekend and on another a trip out to the sunflower fields. Fun! 

2. Labor Day is marked in the US of A on Monday, September 1st.  What paying job have you held that you've loved the most? Liked the least? 

The job I have now is my favorite. Not the best paying, but the best as far as being interesting and enjoying the people I work with. My least favorite job was the summer after I graduated high school. I worked 2 1/2 days at the bra factory. I had to spend all day long sewing halves of bra cups together. I couldn't make myself go back after lunch on that third day!

3. Does the new school year start before or after Labor Day where you live? When do you think it should begin? There is much discussion now about older students having later start times to their school day...your thoughts?

I don't pay much attention to when school starts around here since I don't have a horse in the race. I do know I have been seeing school buses the last week or so, so I'm saying before Labor Day. I don't really have an opinion re the start times. My first thought would be no to the later start. I think it would only encourage teens to stay up even later.

4. What's something you've worked at recently that could be deemed a 'labor of love'?

JD wrote a short story about our meeting before we were married. Last year I had it bound and gave it to him as an anniversary present. But that wasn't labor intensive. Each year I put together a picture book containing pictures of family, friends, and stuff. It's my Christmas present to my kids. It is time consuming. I don't think the two words, labor and love, work well together, the things we do for love shouldn't be work. 

5.Which of the following work idioms can you most relate to right now...'A woman's work is never done.', 'All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.' 'Many hands make light work.'

I pick 'a woman's work is never done'. Seems like that's all I do these days. Work at work and work at home. Too much to do, too little time.

6. Crab or lobster or thanks, but no thanks? Favorite way to have your choice prepared?

I like lobster, but it's hard to find here in middle-of-nowhere Illinois. So, I pick crab. My favorite way to eat crab would be Crab Rangoon. I'm not a fan of oriental food after living for a few years behind a Taiwanese restaurant, but love those!

7. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, 'Three rules of work: Out of clutter find simplicity; From discord find harmony; In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.' Which of the three do you consider to be the most important? Share one of your own 'rules of work'.

"Out of clutter find simplicity" Disorder on my desk causes stress. I like to have all my work finished by days end. Yeah, right. That's impossible. So, I try to organize and prioritize. I do the things I dread most—first.

My rule: When you pick up a file or start a project, do everything you can possibly do before you send it back to file or call it done. Saves time in the longrun. 

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Saturday evening, our air conditioning unit decided to take a break. It was the hottest weekend of the year. Bob got to work on Sunday. Fergus and I sat in front of the fan sipping ice water and panting together. The repairman was out first thing Monday morning and it is now working fine. 

Saturday, before the a/c went out, I canned tomatoes. It's the first time I've used a pressure canner. 


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Monday, August 25, 2014

Rubbish Tuesday #17

A side note. I will go missing until tomorrow. Our internet provider thinks our modem may be going bad, which could explain all the problems I have had recently. So JD is taking it in for an exchange. He won't be home until mega late, so it will probably be Tuesday night before I'm back up and running again.

No ramble again this weekend, so I'm posting a couple of items from around the house.

Some of my depression glass. This is called Adam. And a cup that is really old. How old? I'm not sure, but we looked it up on the interenet at one point and found out. I'm old. I forget. I should have turned it a bit so you could see the handle better. It is a snake. 

And this is a vase Hubs great aunt made and painted many years ago. She was one talented lady.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will join in the fun.

My idea was to have a place to post 'old things'. Anything old and/or deteriorating such as old houses, barns, outbuildings, old cars, rusty things, antiques, interesting junk, or it can be something in pristine condition, but just old.
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Sunday, August 24, 2014

the bird d'pot

"Help! Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"
"Anybody? Help please! You there with the camera!"
"Wait, wait, I think I'm getting it."
"Okay, okay, I'm fine!"

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