Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fences

Today's fence has historical significance. The first courthouse in Cumberland County, in which Abraham Lincoln once lost a case and then pardoned the man after he became Governor, burned on 11/5/1885.  It is widely believed to have been arson. The courthouse was rebuilt and is still conducting business to this day.  It sits in the center of town square.

There is a photo of the old building hanging in the entry hall of the current courthouse, which shows a fence encompassing the courthouse lawn.  It isn't there anymore, guess I assumed it was taken down during re-building. But what happened to that fence? I recently found out it was moved to the cemetery.  It separates the property line to the south. 

Last weekend I took some pictures of that really old fence.

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Happy Friday!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Barn Charm

I took a drive Sunday, looking for barns and fences. I didn't find many barns, but did find this one in Walla Walla, which is an unincorporated community.  Having heard of Walla Walla all my life, I was expecting a town. Basically it is an intersection with a few houses.
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Sunday, July 7, 2013

No Meme Just Me Me

I clicked on my meme list tab and tried to find a meme to post for today.  Some are no more—guess that's what I get for going missing for so long—so decided to post some random pictures from my day today.

Hubs came out of retirement to work at Home Depot part-time which means he works most weekends. He worked today.  After pacing around the house wondering what I could do to keep my mind off missing Willie, I turned to a sewing project that should have been finished weeks ago. For those who may not know Willie, he was my 14 year old lab mix. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge 12 days ago.

A work-mate is having twins and today is the day she goes to the hospital, so dragged out the unfinished baby quilts and finished them.  One is pink and the other is purple with some bright colors tossed in for good measure. Personally, I like the one without the extra colors better. Wish I had the energy to tear out and re-do, but no way!  I finally finished both and dropped them off on her front porch. Project finished.

 Then I went about trying to get a decent shot for July's camera club assignment. The picture must have a book in it somewhere.  I came up with the following three shots. Not happy with any of them. Which do you think is the lesser of 3 evils?

Then I took a drive. This is Cameo Winery in a nearby town. The wine bottle in the camera club offering is from this winery.
 Hubs is back home now, so maybe he has something exciting we can do. I'm off...Happy Sunday!