Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sunrise Over the Bins

Anyone else watching the Jodi Arias trial? I'm trying not to, but when flipping through channels I find myself pausing and watching for a few minutes. I can't imagine her being found not guilty, but then who knows.... One of the jurors was fired today. Reports say she was crying as she left.  After 40 days, I would have been dancing a jig.

I'm pretty sure I have already posted this sunrise pic, taken last October.  I like it so I'm thinking even if I have, it's worth a repeat.  Hey, I'm getting old, plus I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel. lol
Tomorrow is Wednesday, yay! Happy Wednesday!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Poor Raccoon and a Buzzard

Look, I've posted 2 days in a row! WOW! Of course it won't be long until I run out of something to post about unless I'm able to get out and take some more pics. Today's post could be a bit disturbing for some, so if you are squeamish, pass me by today.

Poor raccoon passed on in the middle of an empty field. Big bad buzzard found him, but I scared him away when I shoved my camera out the car window.

Most of the birds I find are either sparrows or buzzards. Yesterday's owl was a fluke, but I do keep trying.
Hope you had a wonderful Monday!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Barred Owl

Finally, a day outside in the fresh air...sort of. It is supposed to be spring, but this weekend is the first it has really felt like it. It was too nice to stay inside, but Hubs has been recovering from the flu I gave him. Poor guy, and he had the flu shot. Anyway, he didn't feel like a hike in the woods so we took a drive down to where Hubs lived before we got married. On the way we took a detour through Sam Parr State Park. I thought it would be a little too early to find any interesting birds, but to our surprise we saw a male and female Wood Duck on a murky little creek. Sadly, they flew before the shutter opened. That's the first time I've seen a Wood Duck outside of the zoo.

On our way back to the highway, I saw this guy hanging out in a tiny tree beside the road. I think he was sleep flying.  This is the only shot I got before he woke up and took off for a tree farther from the road.
 He found a good place to hide in plain sight.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter.