Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Fences and a Tree

I've decided I'm not having a very good year. I've always heard bad things come in threes, well my three is up so hoping for a better 'rest of the year'. The dryer kicked off, as did my computers-plural, and now it's the dishwasher. I'm re-learning how to hand wash dishes. My brilliant, philosophical Hubby told me, "It's just like riding a bike." Okay, so he was right. I didn't forget.  I do remember how much I hated washing the utensils and I cringe every time I stick the dishcloth down inside a glass. I almost cut off my thumb back in the 70s when a glass broke with my hand twirling around inside.  Not good. To be honest, I'm kind of enjoying dish washing. It gives me some quiet time. Especially since hubby runs like a scared rabbit the minute I get out a dishwashing liquid. And there is the water saving factor. All good intentions aside, I'll be appliance shopping this weekend.

I found this fence on my drive through the country a couple of weeks ago. 

I enjoy seeing the amazing trees Texwisgirl over at The Run Around Ranch finds, so I'm always on the lookout for an interesting tree—of the dead variety. I found this one along the road just before I got to the fence above.

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