Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fergus Update

Fergus is getting bigger. He is now officially tall enough to leap up onto the bed. He likes comfort.
 Last weekend I took him to my daughter's house to meet his human sister and his niece and nephews. He gave them a run for their money. Now they are asking for a pup of their own. All kids need a dog, especially boys. Fergus got to meet their 2 cats. He wanted to play with them, but all they wanted to do was puff up to look like blimps and turn their tales into what looked like a wire brush. He tried to chase them, but they would either run down the basement stairs or upstairs to the bedrooms.  Fergus is afraid of those scary stairs.
 Fergus enjoyed taking the kids for a walk down the sidewalk, dragging them as far as the playground at the school.  He had tons of fun and is looking forward to his next visit.
Happy Tuesday!