Saturday, March 29, 2014


On my way out to work yesterday, I saw these two sparrows all puffed up and snuggling next to each other.  It was a cold, windy morning.. They moved into the birdhouse on the utility shed and claimed it for their own. I can get a sparrow picture anytime I want. We have tons! They can empty the bird feeders in a day. But they are birds too, and I do enjoy hearing them in the morning.
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Friday, March 28, 2014

Critter's Martini

May as well finish the week as I started, with another beverage.
1. Before I begin, I would like to re-iterate, I am not a lush. As a matter of fact, I haven't even had a glass of wine since Christmas. But I do like a cocktail on occasion. My favorite drink would be a margarita on the rocks, second in line is son-in-law's version of a Dirty Martini.
2. Son-in-law's name is Christopher. My daughter always seems to come up with nicknames for her loved ones. She may possibly have come up with this idea from her mother, but I'm not admitting anything—Punkie Doodle.
3. Perhaps the whole nickname thing started in high school. My nickname was Mort, short for Morticia, as in The Adams Family. I had long hair and my taste in clothing was rather unique. Hey, it was the 60s.
4. But back to son-in-law. Daughter randomly started calling her husband Critter in lieu of Christopher. Not sure why, maybe it was merely easier to say.
5. Early on in their marriage they decided to buy a house. A husband and wife realtor team were showing us a nice home. As we roamed around talking about the pros and cons, Daughter kept talking to, "Critter." The realtor must have decided he had Christopher's name wrong and said, "Well, Critter, what do you think?" Son-in-law was mortified, Daughter and I still laugh about it.

Critter's Martini Recipe
Gin (Tanqueray is preferred)
Vermouth (sweet red)
Dash of lemon or lime juice
Spanish stuffed olives
Mix splash of vermouth and lime with a good amount of gin with ice
Drain into glass.
Measuer a martini glass full of gin into mixer glass.
Critter's advice, don't drink more than four.

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A post without pictures? Impossible!
 This picture was taken at The Rez a couple weeks ago.
This picture was taken 3 days ago. Today, instead of ice and snow we are having rain. I prefer rain.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Old Hickory Cocktail Anyone?

So keeping to my unintentional theme this week of alcohol related posts, how about an Old Hickory Cocktail? In case you have forgotten your history lessons, President Andrew Jackson was nicknamed Old Hickory by troops during the War of 1812, because he was considered to be tough as a hickory tree.

Jackson was in New Orleans during the Battle of New Orleans (1814-1815). As legend has it, he liked a particular drink so much it was named after him. Thus the Old Hickory Cocktail.

Ingredients for an Old Hickory Cocktail
1 1/2 ounces dry vermouth
1 1/2 ounces sweet vermouth
2 dashes Peychaud's bitters
1 dash orange bitters
Garnish with a lemon twist

I think one of these would put me under the table! Wonder if his favorite drink contributed to his death.

My research indicates he suffered abdominal pains, a bad cough, and headaches as a result of a musket ball in his lung. He died from a combination of chronic tuberculosis, dropsy, and ultimately heart failure. He was 78. Guess none of these health problems were alcohol related.
When he died in 1845, he was buried on the grounds of his home, The Hermitage. This is Andrew Jackson's tomb—with a really great fence around it.

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Wild Turkey

It seems like I'm doing a lot of posts about alcoholic liquors—moonshine—and now wild turkey. I do know the names, even though I'm not much of a drinker. More than two drinks of anything and I'm under the table.

Hubs is a retired teacher. After being bored out of his mind for a few months, he took a part time job with Home Depot. What does that mean? He works every and I do mean EVERY weekend. I have been staying home while he is at work, but have had enough. When I was a single lady, I went places by myself all the time. So why not now? Do I think now that I'm married I can't do anything alone? I didn't make a new years resolution, but I'm now resolving to get out and go when Hubs is working. I already have a plan to visit my son in a couple of weeks, by myself. And there will be more plans this summer. Thus the trip to Moonshine last Saturday.

As I was driving down the road toward Moonshine, I saw turkeys in a clearing to my left. I quickly checked my rear view mirror and not seeing anyone about to rearend me, I slammed on the brakes. Now had I not been by myself I would never have gotten a pictureof these odd birds. I would have been yelling, "STOP!" until Hubs finally got 'er whoa'd about a quarter mile down the road.
Even with my quick reaction time, I was only able to get a couple of shots before they disappeared behind weeds and then into the woods.

Happy Wednesday!

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dream Cabin, Firetruck, and a Barn

During my excursion last Saturday, I found a few interesting items to shoot.
Such as this little cabin stuck back in the Shag Bark Hickory trees.
If this place were hiking distance from the road and next to a pond, this would be my dream house/cabin. It is small. No room for clutter, only necessities. Easy to clean, no toilet to scrub. No traffic noise or neighbors. Just peace and quiet. Yes, I could live here. Well, for a while. I suspect I would start looking for electricity and a computer connection before the week was out. Great idea in theory, though.
I passsed this graveyard of anything and everything that once had a motor. Wrecked cars and trucks were farther down the road, past the house. I am a minimalist at heart, so I would probably find it difficult to live surrounded by junk vehicles. I know for a fact the man who once owned this property made a good living selling parts. He was a friend of my brother's and passed away a few months ago. He once raced stock cars at our local racetrack and Bro O was on the pit crew. It made for a fun Saturday night in an area where entertainment was hard to come by. It still looks like someone is conducting business, I suspect a family member has taken over.
Before my blogger breakdown, Barn Charm was one of my favorite memes. I'm told the meme is no more. I would take over the reins myself if I had more time, but alas I fear it would be too time consuming. Is there someone out there willing to take on the task?

Monday, March 24, 2014

Hazel Dell

On the way to and coming back from Moonshine, I passed through a tiny town called Hazel Dell. The sign says it was founded in 1866, but doesn't give a population. The main street no longer looks like it did on the sign. I like the color combination of blue and yellow. It makes it stand out, otherwise I might have missed it.
It does have an elementary school and a restaurant, but mostly it is a very small residential community. I have no idea what the population is, but I'm guessing less than 500 and probably more like 200.

The restaurant is well known for its homemade cinnamon rolls and pies. I've never actually been to the restaurant, but on one of my trips up here from Dallas before I moved back, sis-in-law served them for breakfast. I can tell you, they are melt in your mouth wonderful.
This is the only business I found on the main street. I'm thinking it might still be open during the week.  I drove through on Saturday, so maybe it isn't open on weekends. After all, there is a freshly painted sign, a 7up machine, and a trash bin which indicates life to me.
On the outskirts of town, I found this old house. Looks spooky doesn't it? To add to the eeriness, there are buzzards sitting on the roof...
...and on the chimney. Those birds always creep me out, but I can't help but take pictures every time I see one. It was a cloudy day until I drove back through Hazel Dell. The clouds slowly crept away, leaving a blue sky. Too bad it wasn't warmer. Still waiting on spring and I'm told today we will have snow again. I only like the first snow of the season. This one is way down the list of things I want to see on this day.

I hope wherever you are you have a wonderful, warm Monday!

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