Thursday, August 22, 2013

Class Reunion

Last Saturday night was my high school reunion. I wouldn't tell you how many years, but duh! I don't think it will take you long to figure it out since I'm posting a picture of the booklet cover. I was in charge of the invitations and the booklet, so immediately enlisted the aid of  my nephew, Sam Roan, who is a genius, to design the cover.
 The theme was Laugh-In. I refused to play the part of Ernestine. No way was I going to screw up my face and poke my finger between...well if you have ever seen her skits you will know front of a group of people. Instead I read a poem called Class Reunion. As you can see, we had a nice wall with little doors for participants to open and tell jokes.  I was in charge of playing the Laugh-In theme over and over and over...
I hated, absolutely, hated school, but really have enjoyed going to the reunions. I went for the first time 5 years ago. Guess I'll go in another 5 years. If you have been avoiding yours, I wholeheartedly recommend you try at least one. I think you will find you enjoy the experience.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Visit to Lincoln Log Cabin

The annual Bluegrass Festival was last weekend at Lincoln Log Cabin Historical Park. I enjoy listening to the old tunes I remember from back in the day.  Neighbor and what I refer to as my non-related "other brother" plays in one group. He's wearing the cap. We used to go over to his house on Saturday nights and listen to good music. His mom and dad were very talented musicians, too.
After the music, we took a walk. We go there all the time, but I always try to find something different to take pictures of. I have taken pictures of this old barn before, but this time there was a tree growing in front of it. Unless the park gets some additional funding, this building will soon be beyond repair.
Below is inside the cook house at the Sargent Farm. 
 The nursery.
 The kitchen....
 ...and weird rock critters hiding in the garden.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Crops, Dust, and a Really Fast Plane

I love watching airplanes of any kind. Last year Hubby and I went to an air show, a first for me. I loved every minute of it. Probably because my brother and I used to play airplane all the time. He was always the pilot, of course, and I the co-pilot. We drew all kinds of instruments on our blackboard and would sit in front of it for hours flying all over the world.

So, when Hubby and I spotted a crop duster as we were driving down the road, we pulled over so I could take some pictures.  
Oops! Missed it!

Crud! Tail!
A blur!
 More blurr!

Not quite as blurry as the others...this is the best I could do.  Man was he fast!