About Me

I was born and spent my youth in Central Illinois.  I moved away in 1973 and have lived in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Texas, most of that time in the Dallas area, specifically Richardson.  I miss my friends and lots of things about the city, but I don't miss the traffic.  In 2005, after retiring, I moved back to my home town in Illinois. I currently work in the court system.

I am a published author, although I haven't made the New York Times Best Sellers List...yet...don't hold your breath...I'm sure that will happen the same day I hit the lottery...and I'm pretty sure I would have to improve my submission numbers.  I love taking pictures of nature, Hubby (although he complains), Daughter, Son and the 5 Grands (they complain, too).  Oops, can't forget Willie, a 12 year old lab mix Daughter rescued from the Dallas SPCA.  Willie doesn't like having his picture taken either.  Come to think of it none of my extended family hang around when I drag out the camera.  Hmm.

So, anyway, welcome to my blog.  I hope you occasionally find something of interest and come back for another visit.

An update. Willie crossed the rainbow bridge on June 25, 2013. I miss him every day.

Fergus, a Border Collie, was bone on June 26, 2013. He came to live with us on
August 31, 2013. He doesn't like having his picture taken either.


Andrea @ From The Sol said...

I love your profile ... I grew up in central Illinois as well, but I have stayed in Illinois all of my life. I can commiserate with you about everyone ducking when the cameral comes out ... they just don't get it, I guess. Love your blog ...

Andrea @ From The Sol

Anonymous said...

Just came back over to return the "Howdy Neighbor" greeting - nice to "meet" you! :-)

I've been scrolling through your blog and like what you have posted. It appears we have similar photographic tastes. I particularly love your photos of Fergus. He looks like he could be a descendant of a dog I had in my teen years.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Good Fences image.